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Welcome to Geothermal By Design, LLC

High Efficiency Geothermal Heating and Cooling, Heat Pumps, Gas Furnaces, Geothermal Loop Design and Installation, and Radiant Floor Heating

With over 50 years experience in HVAC and 28 years experience in geothermal heating and cooling, we have been installing and maintaining advanced geothermal systems for over two decades all over Louisville KY and the Kentuckiana area. As an owner-operated business, we are committed to providing quality customer service and outstanding results for all your geothermal needs. We specialize in Geothermal Heating and Cooling System Design and Installation, Heat Pumps and Gas Furnace Installations, Indoor Air Quality, Radiant Floor Heating and much more.

Consider us your Geothermal Experts! Contact us with any questions or for more information on Geothermal System Operations and Unbeatable Financial Savings.